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September 15-17, 2015

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Come spend 3 days with us as we share with you some of the most potent healing and transformational processes and speakers in the world! 

Their unique gifts and talents will take you deeper into understanding who you are, how you can more easily align with your Soul’s purpose, and take your place as an agent of transformation and evolution on the planet!

Baeth Davis
Kimberly McGeorge
Ken Stone Edward Mannix
Jaden Fox Michelle Manning Kogler Ronda Wada Debora Wayne Derek Rydall

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Debora Wayne's
"Effortless Transformation" Audio

Effortless Transformation with Biofield Heailng!

Expand to a Higher State of Consciousness where all things are possible!
Rapidly release fear, doubt, worry, pain & stress and align with your right life path.


Derek Rydall's
Vibration Radiation Meditation

Have Instant Healings. Activate More Wealth, Joy & Success NOW! What if you could end victimhood forever and master the ability to manifest everything you need, no matter what? What if you had a switch at your fingertips that allowed you to pull out of you untapped talents, gifts, and power?  Based on ancient healing principles, this revolutionary process will enable you to tap into your Soul Purpose and get greater clarity than ever before. With this tool you can powerfully radiate everything you need into your environment and watch it change. Tens of thousands have already accessed this powerful practice and experienced the sometimes instant healings. No matter who you are, you can activate a level of energy, wisdom, wealth, and success in every area of your life – and this High-Frequency Audio Recording will help you do it NOW.


Michelle Manning-Kogler's
"Releasing Limitations and Finding Joy" Audio

In this Explosion of Joy recording, you will experience a unique Spiritual Technology process that will help you clear and release limiting beliefs that you may have picked up from friends, family, society, even the evening news. These conscious and subconscious beliefs create unconscious programming within you, that make you feel unwanted, unlovable, abandoned and that hold you back from achieving your true unlimited potential.  This transformational audio will help you find more joy by eliminating your limiting beliefs and be more fully aligned with the amazing, Being of Light, love, passion, and purpose that exists within you!

Claim Your Virtual Seat to be Part of this Evolutionary Experience!

These powerful processes are not a replacement for proper medical care. As with any modality, one should use
common sense and in the event of any serious symptoms, seek the advise of a licensed, qualified physician.